Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shampoo for jilbab-ers

The shampoo companies must have worried over the rising popularity of the jilbab, or Islamic headscarf. Then they hit on the solution: shampoo for the headscarf crowd!

The interesting thing is that the woman with the rumply jilbab on the back seems to aspire to be like the woman with the sleek, two-toned one. Can a shampoo really do that for you?

The large lettering says: "Are sweat and the heat of the sun making your headscarfed hair soggy? Don't worry." Then it goes on to imply that if you don't use this shampoo, you could get dandruff or (yikes!) your hair could fall out.

Jilbaber is a word, by the way, or at least a slang one. Check out the "pure" sign below, for a Yogyakarta boutique:

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johnorford said...

wow :)

i really like your pix from jakarta, keep it up :):)