Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cartoon crimes

Given a choice of newspapers, I always buy the Warta Kota tabloid, because I'm fascinated by its creepy diagrams of crimes.

The paper showcases one crime in color on its front page, and another in black and white on page 2. If there aren't enough good ones, they'll settle for traffic accidents (there's never a shortage of traffic accidents).

This one is about a woman who went missing and was later found dead, tied up and with her clothes removed. Pardon the graphic nature of the images, but it's the raw ones that are the saddest and strangest. This one is actually relatively tame; cartoon stabbings and beatings are commonplace.

There's something haunting about the faceless people.


m said...

this is pretty creepy.

are the cartoons recreating the known facts of the crime, or making up what they think happened after the body was found?

I find it so disturbing when they do those crime re-enactments on tv - this reminds me of that.

kopisusu2 said...

This one pretty much sticks to the facts - it doesn't attempt to show what happened to the poor woman after her disapperance, it just shows her parents and the local residents searching for her. I think the ones that depict the crimes do so based on details from the police. There may be some artistic license, but I haven't seem them invent dialog or draw purely speculative scenes.

They have crime re-enactment shows on TV here, too, so you won't have to miss them when you come visit. What I find even more disturbing are the "extreme video" shows on one cable channel in particular (AXN), which show people falling out of helicopters, getting run over by their own cars, etc. They're all from the US, as far as I can tell. Watching people's real agony bothers me more than watching the fake kind.