Saturday, July 08, 2006

Main Street, Tuapejat

There are lots of satellite dishes on the big street in Tuapejat, but not too many cars. This was our first destination, after taking the overnight ferry from Padang. Tuapejat is the capital of the Mentawais. I'm pretty sure I saw a population sign saying around 1500, but I haven't been able to confirm that on the Net.

If you ever want to feel like, say, Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston, go to a town like Tuapejat and walk around being foreign. Marketplaces erupt in wonderment. Babies stare; older children point and shout. This can be fun if you're in the mood, and annoying if not.

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michele said...

that kind of attn from groups of strangers when you're traveling - it's such a surreal experience, isn't it? an unsettling mix of flattering and creepy. but of course it's not flattery, just curiosity. on some of my travels, when people have reached out to touch my hair (i guess because it's red) i feel like i just landed from mars.