Friday, July 21, 2006

Love and markets

I'm a fool for farmers' markets of any sort, but I have to admit the ones in Jakarta tend to be a bit smelly and dirty. So when I wandered into the central market in Padang, on the way back from the Mentawais, it was love at first sight.

After all, who can resist a woman with green beans on her head? Or such shiny happy carrots and bok choy? Or most of all, the mountains of hot peppers??


Cazzie!!! said...

Now that IS a market!! Love it!!!

Kidu said...

I am so freaking hungry.

michele said...

how many hot peppers are in that pile??? i love these photos. i once took close-up photos of red and green bell peppers and gave them to my mother for xmas. she actually liked them.

triesti said...

The fact that they keep on making chilly paste all day blew my mind...then again it's Padang

Robyn said...

Hey, I think we have the same photo! The Padant mkt chile displays are quite distinctive. In other Asian countries they just pile them up ... I loved how the Padang vendors actually build low 'walls' of chiles.

crawdaddy said...

Must climb spicy mountain
Eyes burning
Retreat to basecamp
Capsaicin yeti nipping at my nostrils
Humbled I order #5 medium hot