Saturday, July 01, 2006

Central post office

If you're trying to send some baby clothes to a friend in the States, and you don't have a box or tape or any kind of clue about the postal system, you can go down to the big central post office near the train station and just squint in confusion at the signs. In a moment someone will pop up out of nowhere and offer his assistance. For a small fee, he'll run around getting the paperwork done and cutting down an old box so that it holds your stuff securely. Then, for the finale, he wraps the box in a thin sheet of plastic and sews it closed with a big, homemade needle.

It's pretty impressive, and eco-friendly, since all the materials are scavenged from the post office. And he has a much better chain stitch than I ever acquired in all my Home Ec. classes!


Cazzie!!! said...

That is by far the best story I have heard this year, amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Still enjoying reading your blog. What happened to Chad? Did he get all blogged-out?

-- Stan J.

ace said...

you should try sending a framed painting and see creativity flourish!!

impressive really..