Monday, May 08, 2006

So where are we anyway?

Our video-wiz friend Jason has combined Google World and some editing magic to make a little 30-second sequence showing where our apartment is in Jakarta. Check it out at You may have to scroll down a little because, unlike me, he updates his blog faithfully. I think the entry is called Where in the world are Chad and Trish?

The big green area you can see in the video with the oval building in the middle is a recreation complex and one of Jakarta's rare grassy, tree-y spaces. At the top of the green area is the police training center I walk through to get to work. The reddish things all around us are the tile roofs of all the buildings in our neighborhood.


crawdaddy said...

Thanks for the complements.
Here's a permalink -
Having you guys on the other side of the world is kind of like a puzzle for me. It's like you guys are leaving all of these clues (posts, pics, sounds, etc...)and I have to gather them up and turn them into something a little more tangible. You and Chad don't seem so far away if I can look down on your neighborhood, figure out where you take your walks, imagine what the streets look like, imagine you two sitting on the roof and looking up into the sky and seeing the wink of a satellite as it passes over. The happy side of voyeurism.

kopisusu2 said...

Yeah, that's our hope in doing the blogs - to make it a seem a little less far. We'll have to post some pictures of the neighborhood. It's a pretty cool place. It's really too bad we can't post odors. If you could take a whiff of Jakarta's motorcycle exhaust/fried food/clove cigarette/junky canal/outdoor satay barbeque smell, you'd really feel like you were here.

You can definitely imagine me making strong coffee in the morning and sitting in a cheap blue plastic chair out on the front balcony, watching the ojek drivers play cards on the corner while the students hurry to class in their uniforms, and listening to the varying cries of the street vendors going by. That's what I do almost every morning.


Anonymous said...

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