Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Home Sweet Gecko

No Indonesian decorating scheme is complete without a gecko or two scampering across the wall. So I was happy to see this one by the back window in the office. I wasn't sure they'd make it all the way up to the fourth floor.


crawdaddy said...

Good eatin'.
The lizards in Florida are mean little suckers.
I was trying to rescue one that the cat cornered and it bit my finger and wouldn't let go. I wandered around the house for about 5 minutes with this reptile attached to my finger. It was like having one of those giant foam fingers that they sell for sporting events, except it was a 2 inch long chameleon.
See if you can find a pair of geckos, make them mad and attach them to your ears for earrings. Great for a night on the town.

Jose said...

Did you catch it? Probably he can give you a good rate in bajaj insurance.

kopisusu2 said...

Actually I saw him scuttle across the kitchen counter last night, which is a little more gecko intimacy than I really wanted. I'll keep my fingers away from his face, even if he offers me a good exchange rate on the rupiah or access to a discount wine wholesaler(even crummy wine is damnably expensive here).

Anonymous said...

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