Thursday, March 30, 2006

very in a nightlife grasp

We went to see a reggae band last weekend, but unfortunately they didn't materialize. In their place was a "classic rock" band, which plied a wide range of waters from Procol Harum to Radiohead, all sung in the original English. They weren't a great band, but they had a decent guitarist, and the singer was really getting into it - rocking the mic stand backwards and forwards, waving his arms around.

It's so much more poignant listening to your umpteen millionth cover of "Whole Lotta Love" when the singer has a foreign accent and you're far away from home. It was cheezy, and it was cultural hegemony, and it was a band I probably wouldn't have stuck around for in the States, but it worked.

It's kinda tough to find out about music here because there's no magazine or paper with listings, even in Indonesian. Everybody just SMSes each other when they happen to hear about a gig. Fortunately we've fallen in with a very nice Austrialian guy who's plugged in to the system. I really would like to hear Indonesian reggae one of these days.

Chad blogs about another night of clubbing on his site, Indo Stories, which you can link to on the right.

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