Sunday, March 19, 2006


All is well here, although our internet access is not as good now that we've moved. We had to come all the way back to our old hotel tonight to visit our beloved 24-hour, internet-equipped Wartel ("warung telepon" or, roughly, "telephone stand"). We're going to try Starbucks tomorrow and see if we can post some pictures ... this blog is looking awfully plain.


J&C said...

About the pictures we agree.....We need pictures!!!! On the other hand you are doing a great job writing the odds and ends of your experience. We rely on the blog to know how you are doing and check it at least twice a day (not to put pressure or anything).

WiLSoN said...

"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Thanks for the update - good to know!"

"What do we want?

More frequent and regularly scheduled blog updates with lots of pictures!

When do we want it?

As soon as practical without putting any undue pressure on you!"

kopisusu2 said...

Well, we got a couple of pics up this morning! We probably won't be able to blog as much once we start working (we're hoping to get going on our first stories this week). So don't freak out if there's a lull ... but we'll try to keep checking in.

WiLSoN said...

What (who?) is your work connection there, and how does that work? Whem might you have access to audio production facilities, and cna we hear your stories through your blogs?



kopisusu2 said...

We've got contacts at NPR and The World, as well as some individual shows. Our laptops are our sound studios. The only tricky part is phone interviews. I think initially we'll try not to have any phone sound at all. We may be able to use Skype for phoners, and if not, I have a little hookup we can use on land lines (but we'd need a land line).

We probably can't post the stories on the blog due to rights issues, but we'll try and post links so you can hear them at the website of whatever show or network they're on.

Thanks for asking! T.