Monday, March 27, 2006

Curious rewards of travel

All the language books tell you "zero" in Indonesian is "nol," which makes sense. But since we've been here, whenever anyone gives their phone number, they say "kosong" instead, which means "empty." For some reason I find this unbearably cute. Every time I hear it I feel happy I'm here.


michele said...

hey there!
my email isn't back to normal yet but i can check in at the library computers here and there and it's been GREAT to read your blogs... i'm jealous already. the pictures really make it tangible. i love to see the street vendors, markets and "broken price" signs. glad to hear you've been enjoying the kopi susu as well. sounds yummy. have you seen offerings of civet (sp?) coffee anywhere? you do realize you're going to have to try it sometime, right?? things are good here, we've broken into the 50's temp wise so spring may in fact be coming. and - of course - sox fever is beginning in earnest. april 3rd is opening game vs tex. we'll see if i can recognize our team when they take the field. but as long as jason is there, all will be well.
thanks for all your blogs! (sorry for the long "comment").

kathleen said...

Yep. I'm jealous too. It's just not fair. Trish and Chad get have all the fun.

kathleen said...

I missed a word. Sorry. I completely agree with the person who said they enjoy reading both blogs. Your writing styles are very different, but I like both equally. Each shows me a different side of Jakarta. BTW-my friend Ruth hasn't been to obtain contact information for potential new friends because her co-worker has been on vacation. Love the photographs. Loved Chad's blog entry about the trip to the music club.

kopisusu2 said...

Glad you're enjoying the blogs! Michele, I met a couple of Red Sox fans the other day at the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club. We tried to talk about the team but we hardly know any of the players. I think it's a challenge for all of Red Sox Nation these days. But you're right, as soon as I see our catcher's massive thighs I'll know it's really the Sox. These guys said they mostly watch the games here over the internet, but sometimes when there's a big game they get together and watch it on ESPN.

I like reading Chad's blog too. He's pretty smart, that guy. No worries about your friend, Kathleen. Anytime you happen to get the info, send it on - we're always happy to meet new people.