Monday, December 01, 2008

My Busway Day: Kota

There's a famous old train station in northern Jakarta that I've always admired from the bus window. Since I was being a transportation geek anyway, I figured I'd go have a look inside.

Like so many buildings in Jakarta, Kota Station is blockaded by fences and barricades. It's a bit of a chore to get in. But it's worth the effort.

It was built around 1870, with this really lovely vaulted ceiling. It's still a working train station.

The route map filled me with travel desires. After all, who wouldn't want to go to Cikadongdong, Gadobangkong or Tagogapu?

Unfortunately, almost as soon as I got to the station my camera batteries died. I decided to walk down to the Glodok marketplace to buy more. On the way out I bought some lumpia from the Bicycling Lumpia Man.

Lumpia are the Indonesian version of egg rolls. These ones were small, greasy and tasty. They came with a little baggie of sweet peanut sauce that seemed to proclaim: sure, this is a Chinese-derived snack in a Chinese part of town, but still, it is JAVANESE food.


jaka said...

Cikadongdong! ;) I once visited Purwakarta and Plered (just north of Cikadongdong). They were not as chaotic as now though. Very cozy and laidback town. Plered is famous for their potteries.

Chad I think (I saw a posting about rock climbing of him) was in the nearby of Tagogapu/Cipatat. That is where the limestone hills located. Rajamandala (Cipeuyeum) is worth visit too.

Wish you have time to visit those place!

Anonymous said...

i miss jakarta...
its a hectic, trashy city, but i love it....
was there several weeks ago, but wanngo back there.....