Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gem market

Next to the Jatinegara train station in East Jakarta is a famous gemstone market. It's one of those classic, sprawling places with row after row of stalls, and it was packed with customers on the Saturday when we went.

You can buy smooth, polished stones, and all kinds of rings and necklaces.

You can also watch the artisans cut and polish the stones and make the jewelry, often using these crazy contraptions that look like they were built from bicycle wheels and lawn-mower engines. This guy was using a little flamethrower operated by a foot pump.

We didn't really go to Jatinegara for the bling, though. We were after something even more exciting. In addition to gems, this market does a substantial trade in mystical and magical objects. More on that in the next exciting installment of Kopi Susu 2!


nadya said...

oooh mbak kopi susuuu .. how I missed your stories about our quirky city and how the world revolves around that adorable green-eyed cat! rajin update lagi yaa mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Nicole said...

Wooot! You're back! I know I am only one of many who appreciate the return of Indonesian excitement to our lives.

kopisusu2 said...

Thanks, it's nice to be back!

eduresearch said...

Hi, I am hoping to go to the gem market this weekend, but the Jakarta Post (January 2008) reports it has moved. Can anyone tell me if this is correct - and if so - where is it located now?