Monday, June 30, 2008

The Story of Cancer Snail

Cancer Snail is made of sulfur. We bought him for 50 cents from one of the miners at Ijen, who assured us he was a snail even though he has no shell or other snail-like features. We immediately named him Cancer Snail because of the tumor-like lumps that cover his body.

Riding in a van in East Java

Cancer Snail cannot walk or even stand on his own. Still, he is an inspiration to millions. He has traveled the length of Java and Bali, and faces each day with the same cheery yellow countenance. Schoolchildren flock from miles around to see him (well, not exactly, but we think they will someday). I believe we can all learn from the example of Cancer Snail.


michele said...

is cancer snail on facebook?

michele said...

also, has susu met cancer snail yet? I would like to see photo documentation of that meeting and hear how they are taking to each other.

Faris said...

And what exactly are you going to do with that... thing?

kopisusu2 said...

Well, let's see ...

1. Cancer Snail is not on Facebook. He has suspended his social networking outreach till he works out a movie deal with a major American studio.

2. Susu and Cancer Snail have not met, because I'm worried about what would happen to both of them if she were to take a big bite out of him.

3. So far what I've done with him is allow him to fall down behind some travel guides in our bookcase and get stuck. It doesn't look very comfortable, but at least it keeps him away from his arch-enemies, water and the cat.