Monday, September 17, 2007

Ferris wheel on wheels

We saw this while sitting in a taxi in traffic: a four-seat Ferris wheel mounted on a platform attached to a bicycle. It's a more highly-evolved version of the kiddie cart I blogged about last month. Could anything be cooler? Unfortunately we only had time to shoot this one blurry photo as we went by.

Later that we realized we should have jumped out and asked the guy for his business card. I'd love to rent this thing and put it out on our street for half a day.


m said...

I saw a similar kiddie ride recently at a fair in JP - stationary though.
it had about 5 or 6 dinky encaged seats for the little ones to hunker down in while enjoying the ferris wheel-like action.
my friends and I joked that this could provide a handy childcare option for parents who wanted to explore the fair for a while, sans child.

Mary said...

Hey - what's up with the Red Sox? And why did I all of the sudden decide to become a fan again - after many years of peace and quiet? It is emotional torture - isn't it. I can't get out of it now - it is like I pledged to some secret society that requires lifetime allegiance. I blame Matthew - that makes me feel better.

kopisusu2 said...

Holy cow, Mary! I had no idea they'd lost three to Toronto. It really is about to be 1978 all over again. Maybe I should take the Magic Number off the blog ... they've been playing lousy ever since I put it up ... but taking it off feels like bailing on them.

I have no one to blame, so I'll blame Matthew too.