Friday, July 27, 2007

So bad it's great

The daughter's scary cheekbones resemble the mom's, but the green hair must have come from the other side of the family tree

My friend Michele took us to the Museum of Bad Art, outside Boston. I've been wanting to go there forever.

Where does the waterfall come from?

It's a small collection, located next to the men's room in the basement of a historic movie theatre. The paintings mostly come from garage sales or garbage heaps, although some are donated by their humble creators.

This little girl appears to be clutching the tail of a petrified rabbit-cat

I think Chad really related to the feelings of the blue man in the multicolored shirt

The great thing about these paintings is how human they are. You wonder what strange impulse gripped the artist. What did s/he think the final product would look like, and how did it all go so terribly wrong? If you've ever tried to create stuff, it's a familiar experience. It's better to have painted a ludicrous blue man, though, than never to have painted at all.


Tom said...

I sent the museum link to our school's art teacher. Could be a field trip in their future.

michele said...

thanks for immortalizing some of the classic pieces from this museum on your blog.
the museum had an auction recently and I am still regretting not bidding higher for a piece I coveted. (I think I showed the jpg to you guys, right?) it was a sketch of a skeleton drawn over a watercolor version of the "American Gothic" painting (farm couple w/ pitchfork).
it went for a whopping $40 to some other lucky son of a gun.

m said...

ps - LOVE the photo of chad!!!