Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog outage

Our home internet connection was so happy to see us, it promptly keeled over and hasn't been heard from since. Thus, I haven't been able to blog. I'm hoping to either get the current cable line working or have a new DSL line installed soon ... but "soon" is always relative here.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of a guy with a banana cart. You see these often around Palmerah Market; I think they pick up loads from the wholesalers and deliver them to smaller streetside operations. These look like big cooking bananas and some smaller "milk"bananas for eating.


michele said...

sorry to hear about the connection problems, what a bummer!
I like the banana cart photo though. my favorite bananas are the really small tangy/sweet ones.
maybe next time you visit the states you could bring some of those in lieu of the durian candy??

Murphy said...

oh god trish you brought durian candy back? yuck!

sorry we missed you! things were so nutty.

Tom said...

Trish - I'm really missing the blog. Hope your back soon and maybe you can nudge Chad to blog some as well.

For those who don't know about durian candy, I ate one and only one. It was somewhat familiar, not unlike rotted shark that Chad tried on me after your trip to Iceland.

We've been in humid 90's lately, but you're probably not sympatetic.