Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ten kitties: Invisible cat

The houses in Jakarta all have big metal gates, and the neighborhood cats seem to spend about a quarter of their time squeezing under or through them -- going inside for safety and coming back out to forage, fight or roam. Most of the time they have to wriggle under the gate, and they really have an impressive ability to flatten themselves and get through. Sometimes when they emerge they'll give an irritated shake of the hind leg as if to say, Stupid gate! Who put that thing there anyway?


michele said...

When I was little I remember seeing one of my cats squeeze herself through a small diamond shaped hole in the wire fence surrounding our back yard. even if she had been soaking wet I couldn't have imagined her fitting through there.
cats have lots of tricks up their sleeves. i'm always impressed by the old standby, "stretching to three times my normal length."

ace said...

sorry, i'm not too comfortable putting the link for public, but you can have a look and go goo gaa and leave nice comments :D

Anonymous said...

hey, sent you an email to the old gmail acct. are you still using that?