Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Junk food of the week: Cokka

I got Cokka (CHO-kka) on a whim, thinking it would be kind of nasty in a funny way. But the joke was on me, because it was nasty in an addictive way: a layer of cheap peanut butter and a layer of cheap chocolatey stuff in a little plastic container. Like a Reese's cup. In a cup.

Luckily they only seem to sell Cokka at the Ramayana department store near my office. I try not to go there, because they have a really distorted sound system manned by young guys who play pop tunes and keep turning the volume up and down so they can talk over the music at eardrum-piercing levels. It's a guaranteed headache, that place. But they also have cheap, strange t-shirts, like the one last week that said How To Fall Out Of A Moving Vehicle and had instructions and diagrams to match. What with the t-shirts, and Cokka, I sometimes can't resist.

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mr_john said...

Reese's Cups.... *shudder*...