Thursday, June 22, 2006

A marketing challenge

Dear Shareholder: We are pleased to report that the North American launch of Poo Tofu went off exactly according to schedule. Unfortunately it appears our slogan, "The Fresh Taste of Poo," and its youth-oriented offshoot, "Grab Some Poo!" are facing unexpected consumer resistance. Our marketing team is going through every aspect of the campaign, and we're confident we'll figure out what kind of tiny overlooked detail could be causing the difficulty.

Meanwhile, we are optimistic that the upcoming line of Baby Poo products will take the burgeoning infant-food market by storm.

Thanks for your support and remember to Eat Poo!


The Board


walsh said...

holy crap

michele said...

this is great! it reminds me of the real-life marketing goof years ago when they advertised the Nova car on billboards in Mexico. a hilarious disaster ("no va" = "doesn't go").

Mary K said...

Maybe my dog Candis was on to something after all...

kopisusu2 said...

In the case of the Chevy Nova, it was a remarkable if unintentional example of truth in advertising.

As far as dogs, Mary, I think we need another new product line: Horse Poo. I'll never forget Shay's dog tucking into it at Spencer's place. I've never seen that dog so happy! Nor have I ever seen Shay laugh so hard ... at least, until we all had to get into the car with the dog.