Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sad news from home

We were stunned and so sad to hear that a former WFIU colleague died in a plane crash in Indiana. I really admired Robert Samels' creative energy - this is a guy who, at age 24, composed an opera about Pontius Pilate partly during the few minutes he had in between doing the local announcements on "Morning Edition." Chad and I went to see the opera, and were really impressed - it was funny, sad, deeply human, and beautifully musical. Robert was typically low-key when I complimented him, and gave a lot of credit to his co-writer. I know his loss is really being felt at WFIU, and it's a loss to the future of classical music as well.


jakers said...

you are lovely and poetic and i appreciate your words more than you know. i wish we could exchange hugs, but this will have to do. forgive me, i'm amidst the watching of pride & prejudice and have adopted their tone. we will be largely out of contact as we travel to italy apr 30 - may 12. i would love to write more. you are in our thoughts. thank you for your words again. mr. darcy's a wanker.

kopisusu2 said...

Just wait. He gets better. Are you watching the one with Colin Firth? He's my dream Darcy (other than Chad of course).

Wish I could give you a hug too. I know it's an especially painful loss for you. It seems very unfair for someone so bright, talented, energetic, and kind to have so little time here.

Anonymous said...

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