Saturday, April 29, 2006

A home of our own

We have finally, FINALLY moved into our apartment. What a relief! It feels like forever since we've actually lived someplace. We love the apartment, too. It's breezy and bright, and since it's on the fourth floor it has a great view. Plus, we have access to the roof, which so far may be my favorite place in Jakarta. We'll post pictures soon!

If you have a map, you can find our place - it's on Jalan Danau Tondano, in the Pejompongan/Bendungan Hilir area, southwest of downtown.

I think the low point of our hotel existence came a few days ago when I got trapped in our room at the Karya. It was one of those locks where you have use the key on both sides. I was all set to go out in the morning, stuck the key in the lock - and it jammed. I had to call down to the desk to be rescued. When I suggested this was a bit of a safety issue, the guy just shrugged. Aggh! Jalan Jaksa! It's where hotels are sentenced to be reborn if they've been very bad in a past life.


crawdaddy said...

Susan and I will be sending you guys a gift basket of Durian. Be on the look out for it. Might not want to let it sit out in the hallway too long.
If you guys have some spare time, would you go out and make a detailed street map of Jakarta? When you go out for a stroll, take a couple of GPS units, sextants, and geosat data collectors. Just throw 'em in your daypacks with some water and fruit.
While highly topographically detailed, Google Earth sucks in marking street names in that part of the world.
If nothing else, get Chad to go up on the roof and make a giant smiley face.

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