Friday, April 30, 2010

Eating and Rambling in KL

Chad has already raved about the benefits of visiting our food-writer friends in Kuala Lumpur here, to which I can only add: yum! Among the highlights were Robyn's own Sichuan beef with toasted rice powder, the steamed-and-fried Hokkien fish in Chad's photo, and the roti canai (Malaysian flatbread) with curried dal at this street place in KL's fabric district.

Afterward we wandered around looking at bright cloth ....

and slightly eerie scarfed heads.

The next day we took a long walk through a local park (local! park! It's an exciting concept after four years in the middle of intensely-urban Jakarta).

Tapping rubber in the park
It was a good way to ease into on the hiking we plan to do in Thailand, and a sobering reminder of how soft we've gotten lately. After an hour or two of gentle hills, my legs were as rubbery as the stuff collectiing in this bucket. And two days later, I'm still getting hate mail from my calves.

Another plug for Robyn and Dave's mouthwatering blog: They're also on Twitter (@EatingAsia) and Facebook (!/pages/EatingAsia/111526995552726?ref=ts).

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