Sunday, April 05, 2009

Junk food of the week: Green Peas Stick

What could be tastier than a bunch of green peas, all mushed up, and then rolled into logs, deep-fried, and coated with salt and sugar?

Well, okay, probably lots of things. But Green Peas Stick are what we have, so you might as well eat them.

(I spent the Balinese day of silence in Bali, blogging ... so more posts are on the way over the next couple of weeks.)


HowieAndHaviva said...

These things are all over Malaysia, but they must not be too popular. You see them on the shelf, but I have yet to see anyone actually eating them... and really with the curry puffs and millions of other fabulous treats, who the hell is eating pea sticks??

Anonymous said...

In England, they love those 7 pence tins of mushy peas smeared on toast and I could never really get into that because it looked like snot... but these practically look like vegetables again. It's like a super vegetable, because it has the nutritional benefits of salt and sugar. You didn't give us a review of the complex flavors of this new cuisine though... it looks like a taste sensation.

oke said...
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kopisusu2 said...

Hmm, the flavor, how could I leave out the flavor? Oh, right - they don't have any!