Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Junk food of the week: Uffy Snacks Special Roombutter

I wasn't really so interested in these cookies as cookies. I just wanted to write the name Uffy Snacks Special Roombutter in the blog.

In fact, I think I'll just do it again: Uffy Snacks Special Roombutter. Too fun!

The cookies themselves were better than I expected: kind of shortbready and very buttery-tasting. They could have let themselves go a little more wild on the chocolate chips if they wanted.

Here's how they went over at the office:
Haviva - thumbs up
Howie - called them lousy but ate 37
The girls in Marketing - giggled; ate some; giggled

Overall, I'd say they did pretty well.

Sorry about the poor photo quality; Chad has the good camera in Thailand and I killed my nice Sony cameraphone last week by dropping it in Susu's water bowl. Now I'm using a cheap replacement. That Sony phone was annoying in many ways, but man, I really miss its camera. And Susu hasn't even offered to pay a cent toward a new one!


michele said...

well, these cookies clearly beg the question: if this is special roombutter, what is regular ol' normal roombutter?

maybe just a stick of butter on a plate.

Anonymous said...

think it comes from the Dutch (also Afrikaans) room=cream, so it is creamy butter

kopisusu2 said...

Aha! Thanks for the enlightenment. Now, what about the Uffy part?

Pujangga said...

where I can get the Uffy Snacks in Jakarta, Indonesia? Can you help me? Who is the contact person?

Anonymous said...

you can get Uffy Snacks in some bakery, such as Buana Bakery in Tomang, Pasar Minggu, Tebet, etc.

for information, this cookies made in Jakarta.

widya rasyid said...

Helloo kopisusu, I'm just googling about UFFY Snacks ,and one of the result is this blog.just bought its cheese stick at the office cafetaria last week, eat it with some friends in just a minute, and yesterday I'm looking for it but it was already sold out from the rack. Yeah I'm searching the distributor contact, you guys have to try the Cheese Stick by Uffy Snacks, and it has a "special roombutter" label also. And yup the taste is way over what I'm expected, and my friends turn out to be asking it for more, that's why I'm googling for it.. Hehehe ... Happy searching the snacks guys

Anonymous said...

hey guys, let's check this out!