Saturday, March 22, 2008

Junk food of the week: Coffee soda

I recall that Rhode Islanders have a weird obsession with coffee-flavored milk. But I don't remember whether there is actually coffee soda in the US.

Coffee soda does seem to have some coffee flavoring in it. But it also tastes a bit like root beer and a bit like chocolate. It's slightly bitter and very sugary at the same time, which is a little weird.

With just 10.5 mg (half as much as a can of Coke), this stuff doesn't have enough caffeine to make it worthwhile. Interestingly, the back of the can seems to suggest a daily caffeine limit of 150 mg. Depending on your brewing style, that could be as little as one cup of coffee! Clearly these people have never lived in a college dorm or worked in a newsroom.


michele said...

this was sounding really good until you mentioned the half caffeine and overly bitter/sweet elements.

I dont recall ever seeing coffee soda in teh US, but it must be around somewhere. how is it that coffee soda hasn't ever come forward to overtake coca cola? probably the coke company put a hit out on anyone who might produce the only product that could really take them down!

ps - they're advertising diet pepsi as a breakfast drink now. for real. on huge side-of-the-bus banners.

michele said...

I heard a story on npr this weekend about a shop (in nyc I think?) that specializes in unusual and rare flavored sodas. they have 200 kinds, including cucumber. so i bet they have coffee flavor, hopefully a tastier version than what you describe.