Monday, February 04, 2008

Balloon over Bali

After getting my computer stolen on day 2 of the Bali conference back in December, I was pretty much in a horrible mood all the time, as Chad can attest. He decided to cheer us both up with a balloon ride.

It was a tethered balloon so it just went up and down in a straight line. Still, it was fun to be up above the palm trees, looking out over the big hotel complexes where you can got lost for hours just trying to walk from the tennis courts to the front desk.

And looking at the ocean is always a good idea. There's nothing like the hugeness of the ocean to restore one's sense of perspective.


michele said...

cool - I've always wanted to go up in a balloon. someday...

the views of the ocean are beautiful.

but the question is, did it help your mood?

kopisusu2 said...

It did, somewhat. But poor Chad had quite a challenge on his hands ... it was a REALLLLY bad mood.