Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This guy struts around our end of the street like he owns it. Which he does, in a feline sense. I usually see him scavenging in the trash bins or menacing other cats, so I was surprised to find him sprawled in front of our gate the other day, snoozing in a way that said: "I have nothing to worry about. There are no cats tougher than me within at least a two-block radius."


C&J said...

Why does this sound familiar to us? hmmmm.

Cathy & Jose
(3 weeks left....yipiiiii)

mr_john said...

A very apt name... While most Jakarta cats are skinny, alarmingly pregnant, or a combination of both, I've often noted Bruiser's very solid physique.

Maybe he is why Blacky is so nervous all of the time...

kopisusu2 said...

I think Blacky (neurotic puppy on the first floor) was born nervous.

As for Cat, I think he doesn't have enough opportunities to bully other kitties, and that's why he's always trying to jump on the furniture and break stuff. Maybe you should bring in a beta cat for him to growl at once a week.